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August 11, 2019nicollehope91

This is probably the most Instagram worthy place on earth. I found it on one of my aimless scrolls one evening, I then found a few blog posts about it and knew immediately we needed to pay it a little visit!

Scarabeo Camp is a short 35/40 minute drive from Marrakesh city centre (timing is very much dependent on your taxi driver…), and is everything you can expect from travelling hours and hours to the Sahara Desert.

Lets talk about Glamping. 

Now if you know me, you will know I do not do camping, tents, festivals etc etc. So I won’t lie I was a little bit apprehensive about staying in a tent. Especially in the middle of nowhere. (Images of waking up with a camel in my bed were on the forefront of my mind!) What we were greeted by when we checked in was somewhat different to the fishing tents I spent my childhood in at the lake with my dad…


The tents came fully equipped with a real, queen size (actually very comfy) bed, lounge area with sofa and traditional Moroccan stools. Gas fire (for the colder months) and cute little gas lanterns that the staff light of an evening.

The decoration and amenities weren’t far short of what you would get in a hotel, with a writing desk, bedside tables, wardrobe, safe, coat hangers, and personal wash tent/bathroom, you really did have everything you needed to spend the night in quite a comfortable tent. You even get your own toilet and shower inside the compounds of your tent too, just be very very careful. The shower is small, the floor gets wet and it may cause you to slip over and nearly pull the whole tent down with you… (Just from what I’ve heard anyway…)

It also makes a pretty amazing view to wake up to first thing in the morning too.


Camp Life/Meal Times

The whole experience when you’re at the camp is one to remember, from the pick up, to the check in, all the activities and the meals, the one thing I learnt very quickly is, time seems to stand still when you are here.

We were due to be collected from the hotel at 11:30, around 12 O’Clock the taxi rocked up, ever so chilled and ever to blasé about the time. This theme continued. I just really don’t think they like to rush, or even worry about sticking to a restrictive schedule. When you’re on holiday, this really isn’t an issue either.


You are checked in promptly and taken into the communal area to enjoy some fresh mint tea and local treats. We opted to arrive to camp early and take part in the lunch service they put on (at an additional cost). But it seemed as though we were the only people in the whole of the desert.

When other life finally made an appearance, about an hour later, we were asked if we wanted to see our tent first and then come back for lunch. Which we did because we were so keen to see where we would be sleeping.

Once finally seated for lunch, the offered us a drink of fresh Carrot or fresh Cucumber juice (neither of which would be my first choice when it comes to juice). But being too polite to say no, I opted for the carrot… but it stayed sat on the table for the foreseeable.


We soon learnt, they did not take meals lightly and the LOVE to feed. The lunch was a smorgasbord (always wanted to use that word) of salads, fresh bread, chick peas, fresh cheese, tuna, falafel and turkey kebabs. One thing that I really need to remember to make now I’m back home, carrot and cinnamon. YUM.

The dinner was no different, served in one of the communal tents, each group or couple have their own table, sat in the round so you can see all the other diners. Set beautifully looking out onto the mountains, and lit only by candlelight once the sun went in. (Giving off major Beauty and The Beast vibes, my man Lumiere) A perfect setting to dive into pile of starters, the two tagines with rice and almond tart. Belts had to be undone and jeans were most certainly unbuttoned to finish this amazing meal.

Finding the perfect photo opt:

I’m sure if you have spent any time stalking this place on social media, you would see the abundance of perfectly captured, edited and sharp photos. Even if you aren’t a whiz with an SLR camera or have a single editing app on your phone or computer, it is almost impossible not to capture a truly stunning photo from this place. It is designed for it.


From staring out into the distance doing a “Oh you’re taking a photo of me walking” pose.

To celebrating International Handstand Day in the desert.


Or even admiring the views, sat around a camp fire, in the middle of summer pretending you’re a boy or girl scout.


Or how about the “I’m secretly wishing I was at Coachella” vibe.

They even have tents set up, ready for your photoshoot. they have honestly thought about every single fine detail. I mean its a marketing/advertising dream. Their whole Instagram feed are re-posts from holiday makers photos. Which is really quite clever if you think about it!

I clearly have a thing for the “Wearing a floppy hat staring out into the distance” post. BUT CAN YOU BLAME ME. This place just makes you want to take photos, makes you want to post them, and makes you want everyone else to go here!


You can just stop there. And enjoy the relaxation of living in the desert for the evening. Or you can get your adrenaline going by taking part in some of the additional activities they offer. We opted for Quad biking and Camel riding…

Oh there was also a small mountain hike to take some photos. Probably wouldn’t recommend this in slippery boots!


The quad biking was something else. Normally when you pay to do an excursion on holiday you get limited time, a massive group, a slow quad and lots of rules. Yeah… This was the polar opposite. It was just us two, and the instructor. He showed us how to accelerate and break. And off we went. On a TWO HOUR drive of the local area. It was amazing. We saw views, we saw local communities, saw a heard of camels, shepherd’s with their goats and everything in between. This comes really highly recommended. It was so much fun. (I mean it was fun after I got over the initial fear and feeling that I was probably going to die…)



Camel’s are camel’s anywhere really. This was a cute little morning excursion before we left to go back to the hotel. Again you’re in either private or very small groups. In our case there was us and one other couple. The man leading the camel trek, I will say knows how to get a good photo! After you’ve trekked probably half way, he stops the group, takes any phone or camera you have on you and will not stop until he captures the shot!


When riding the camels, as you’re in a line, it also allows you to get some cute photos whilst riding them. Personally I wouldn’t recommend trying to stroke them afterwards, my life flashed before my eyes when Carl the Camel got angry and grunted at me. I’d probably feel the same if I had to carry someone on my back up a mountain. Sorry Carl!


You could also do other excursions such as dune buggy’s, spa treatments, yoga, and hiking. There really is something for everyone. I’m going to suggest “wearing a flowey dress and taking photos” as an extra excursion they should offer. I just mean…


I think it is one of those places that you can take a thousand photos of, but until you see it for yourself, you can’t really understand the concept or how amazing it really is. I defiantly would say one night is plenty of time to see everything and experience it in full.

I will leave you with a few more pictures of the communal areas, tents, seating and just beautiful scenery.


If you haven’t already read my other post about what else to do in Marrakesh, click here.

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