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This Easter (2019) we decided we needed to go somewhere a LOT warmer than Finland and as it fell a little later this year, Italy was a perfect option. I personally have never been to Italy before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Apart from the obvious Pizza, Pasta, Pasta, Pizza, Prosecco and Pizza. They really should do something witty with the fact all the goods start with a P (Nope, I’m all out of idea’s too!)


I opted to book this one as a package through BA Holiday’s as I found it came up as the best deal. I was able to book on my BA Amex card, meaning not only did I get AVIOS points for flying BA, I also got extra points for booking through BA Holidays AND using my card. So it was a no brainer really. Flight wise, we chose to fly from Gatwick (Literally 2 minutes from where we live, super handy) direct into Naples, as already mentioned with British Airways. There are at least 4 other airlines that I can think of that all fly direct, from a few different airports in London and the UK so your options are pretty good.

The flight was really early on Good Friday, so yep, another early start for us, but we wanted to make sure we had the most time possible in Sorrento. As we booked as a package I also opted to add on the transfer, so as soon as we landed we were greeted by a really friendly Italian Man waiting to drive us to the hotel.

Hotel Capo La Gala

A quick 35 minute transfer through Naples, we arrived at our hotel for the next three nights. Hotel Capo La Gala. NOW, those of you who are already one step ahead and have googled it, you will realise, the hotel isn’t QUITE in Sorrento. It actually sits in the little coastal town of Vico Equense, which was lovely and very quaint. I’m not going to lie to you all, I didn’t actually realise it wasn’t in Sorrento itself at the time of booking. Teaches me not to do my research properly, (or read a blog like this one!) But you really couldn’t be disappointed for very long when you are welcomed with such incredible views and the most amazing hotel.

We arrived on the hotel’s first day of the summer season, after being closed for the winter, to install a brand new infinity swimming pool. I mean, I don’t think that’s the only reason they shut, but they used the time wisely for sure! There was one other couple checking in with us, and apart from that we pretty much had the hotel to ourselves.


The staff, the hotel grounds, the rooms, the food, the drink, the pool, the gym. I literally cannot fault any of it. The hotel itself is part of the Mr & Mrs Smith hotel group, which feature some of the worlds best boutique and luxury hotels. This one most definitely fell under the Boutique category, with only 22 Rooms, all ocean facing, but certainly did not fault on the luxury.

I chose to book the “Paradise Room” which came fully equipped with its own Hydro Massage Pool on the private terrace. If you haven’t already gone and stalked my Instagram (Off you go, go on…) The room video is saved under my Sorrento Highlights. It was absolutely stunning! This was perfect when the sun moved directly in front of us, usually around 12/1pm, the terrace was a little sun trap. Such a good spot to sit and drink the complimentary Prosecco, fruit bowl and Easter treats the hotel gave us. Such a nice touch.


What to do in Vico Equense? 

The hotel actually has a free shuttle service which takes you from reception, to the Vico Equense train station. From here you can get the train to many local spots, such as Sorrento itself, Naples and even Pompeii. We did actually try to do the latter on Easter Sunday, but unfortunately the trains stopped running at midday, meaning we had to spend another day eating gelato and pasta. (Did I complain? NOPE).

Exploring Vico Equense didn’t take too long. It is a very small town, but perfect for sitting drinking coffee and eating pastries, grabbing a Gelato and watching the world go by, or even finding a cute little local restaurant for lunch or dinner. Have you ever tried a Nutella Coffee? It was an absolute game changer!

Sorrento Itself. 

We decided to take a taxi into Sorrento one evening, which took around 40 minutes, and the drive was beautiful. I just wish we had time to stop and take some photos en route, the views were out of this world. Sorrento itself was clearly where the party was at, the streets were packed with bustling tourists shopping in one of the many little shops, or (you’ve guessed it) eating once again. I loved it! But I was also kind of glad we were staying a little further out where it was a little less crowded. I get kind of weird in a crowd, anyone else?

We spend the evening wandering around, zipping in an out of the side streets, which were all jam packed with all things Sorrento and Limoncello themed everything, you name it you could get it! Limoncello apron, Limoncello pint glass, Limoncello sweets, oh and actual Limoncello.


I had read on Trip Advisor that there was ONE place to go in Sorrento for authentic Gelato, so out came Google Maps and off we went to find Raki. It is one of the traditional Gelateria’s in the area that use all natural products and flavours. Of course I opted for a double chocolate option, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I’m not actually the biggest fan on ice cream, but I mean, find me a happier looking person. It was beautiful.

Michelin Star’s 

Italy is actually the third highest country with Michelin Starred restaurants (falling just being France and Japan). We were super lucky to have one located in our hotel. So we couldn’t leave without trying it. Ristorante Maxi has been awarded with One Michelin Star and was totally worth every penny.

The menu consisted of the traditional Al La Carte style dining where you could choose your starter, main and dessert. But it also had three or four taster menu options, depending what you fancied eating. We opted for the Chef’s Choice 4 course menu. I would try and remember the exact detail of each dish but I’ll probably end up typing “In a yellow lemon sauce thing, with a side of green mush.” Doesn’t REALLY do it any justice or actually tell you what it was. So I will just leave you with the photos of every single course… Yes. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, there were far more than 4 courses, and yes, that is 3 puddings you see. Happy Nicolle!!


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